About Us

This is the astronomy blog of the AstroPioneer YouTube Channel, we try to cover more detail than we can put in a YouTube video as well as news and information that on their own are too small to turn into a video, but none the less are important!

So what is AstroPioneer?

It's not your typical astronomy channel and blog as we delve into all facets of the hobby. Our content ranges from beginner's guides on backyard astronomy and astrophotography to informative how-to tutorials, observatory tours, and discussions on significant astronomical events throughout history.

Additionally, we serve as your personal guide to the night sky, highlighting some of the most thrilling objects to observe and providing tips on how to locate them. As long as the weather permits, we regularly upload new episodes to our channel and articles to this blog.

The aim of this blog and channel is to make your astronomy hobby more enjoyable. Not by focusing so much on the latest scientific discoveries. But instead by focusing on the news, events and issues that effect the amateur astronomer.