How to find the Great Globular Cluster (M13) and the Globular Cluster M92 in the Hercules Constellation

In this article I am going to explain how to find the globular clusters contained within the Hercules constellation the globular clusters are of course M13 the Great Globular Cluster and M92. But what are globular clusters? If you imagine that the galaxy as a disk then globular clusters are like bees around in a galaxy, so still within the galaxies sphere of influence. How to find M92 Click to enlarge M92 star chart M92 is in fact one of the oldest globular clusters we know about. It is also closest to our reference star Vega. So to find the M92, look for Vega. Vega is the brightest star in the summer sky, from here you want to go east towards the base of the constellation Hercules. The stars that form the cornerstone are all around magnitude three stars. Then find the northeast star in the cornerstone of Pi Hercules, and if you head north at this point, I would recommend using a low-power eyepiece to scan the sky until you see a small sphere that is a little blurry this should be