How to find all the Clusters in the Summer Triangle (M29, M56 and M71)

In this article we are going to discuss all three clusters in the summer triangle M29, M56 and M71 and how to find them. As mentioned in our Dumbbell Nebula article there are three stars and make up the Summer Triangle Deneb, Altair and Vega. The Summer Triangle happens to consist of some of the brightest stars in the summer skies and in the northern hemisphere, which makes it easy to locate. These will be located directly overhead during summer. How to find M29? Click to enlarge M29 star chart To start off with we will locate the open cluster M29, which is the easier of the clusters in the Summer Triangle to locate. To start with find the bright star Deneb, in the Cygnus constellation. This will show you what part of the Summer Triangle you need to look at then locate the Northern Cross asterism, an asterism is an unofficial pattern in the night sky. Take your time to locate the asterism in the night sky then head to the middle star the Northern Cross, known as Sadr. Now head