Meteorites of London, Unusual Meteorites from across the Solar System

Sometimes rather than just experiencing meteor showers , we actually get a meteor that hits the ground. The Natural History Museum in London contains one of the best collections of meteorites in the world, so we have to start this tour of the meteorites of London there. Once entering the Natural History Museum you can head up to the mineral section of the museum where they have a good selection of meteorites. The best example of which is the large iron meteorite from the Campo del Cielo meteorite impact which hit four to five thousand years ago. The impact created 26 craters with the original meteor being 4 meters in diameter. As this is an iron meteorite the public are allowed to touch it. But the truly special meteorites can be found in the vault at the back of the mineral section. The first special meteorite is a very rare mars meteorite. There are less than 70 known Martian meteorites, it is believed that 11 million years ago a large impact hit Mars and threw material into space,