Turn any Telescope into a Solar Telescope

This article will show you how to turn any telescope, pair of binoculars, or camera into a solar telescope by using solar safety film. Solar safety film can be added to the front of any optical instrument and you can buy it as a plain sheet of solar safety film . You can then cut it to the size you want and mount it on the front. Before using any solar film, you should always check that it does not have any holes. To do so, you need to hold the film up to a source of light to make sure no light is shining through. You can then attach it to your telescope or binoculars, remember if you attach it to binoculars to cover both objective lenses. Do remember to securely attach the filters so they do not fall off accidentally. Once on there you can look through there with a camera or your own eyes and you will be able to see the sun. Another important safety step is that before doing any solar observing is to make sure you cover up the finderscopes or other optical equipment that you are not a