Comparing Our View of the Cosmos from 1910 to the Present Day

Have you ever wondered how astronomy has changed over the years? Well I certainly have! It wasn't until I was in a second hand bookshop that I had an opportunity to discover what has changed for myself.
I came across an astronomy handbook from 1910 designed for amateur astronomers, called the Star-gazers Handbook. This allowed me to compare a snapshot of what was known back then to what is known now, and what I found out was interesting.

There was of course some scientific information that was quite different, but other things have changed as well such as constellations being renamed or being split up. But the general acceptance of life being on other planets in the solar system is very surprising.

What I did was to convert the original manuscript, which is now in the public domain into a word document and then inserted my commentary within the text, in a different font so you know its an addition to the original content. Here I point out our current understanding of the universe.

I have also done the same by translating some of the older language which may be a bit difficult for modern audiences to understand as well as adding metric translations to the imperial measurements.

The resulting book is now published on Amazon as a paperback and kindle book. Any purchase will of course go to helping improve my Astropioneer.

Of course I may have missed some things, as I am only a amateur astronomer, so if anyone sees any facts I have missed in my commentary please let me know and I will revise the book.