How to Find Starlink Satellite Trains

A few nights ago, I witnessed a train of Starlink satellites moving across the sky. I was quick to grab my camera and record them, but unfortunately, the footage turned out shaky due to the lack of a tripod. This experience motivated me to capture them again, but this time with better equipment. I find that the starlink sattelite trains, while many do complain about them are the most spectacular satellites found in the night sky.

To find the satellites again, I found an android app that predicts the times and locations of their appearance in the night sky, this is also available on apple.

To capture the satellites, I used a 50mm lens with a DSLR camera. I actually produced a video file, which is unusual for me because I usually capture deep sky objects. But with the satellites moving so quickly it made more sense to capture as much data as possible. However, because the satellites were faint, at least in London's light polluted sky, I also used an eighth of a second delay and a ISO of 1600. If you would like to see what footage I captured then please watch the episode below.

If you would like to observe similar things in the night sky, then I would recommend trying to view the International Space Station. This is great sight as you get to observe humans wizz around the Earth.

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