Important Andromedids Meteor Shower Update

There seems to be some exciting news about the upcoming Andromedids Meteor Outburst due for December 5th between 9 to 12 p.m UTC. It is worth mentioning that the previous night, on November 9th, 2023, the usual Andromedids meteor shower was expected to be small or non-existant, and I observed no meteors at all, as shown in the footage in the episode below.

This ties in with the predictions, so the main event is still set to take place on December 5th. To prepare for this event, it is advisable to have a plan to reach a dark sky location, provided the weather permits. Personally, I have planned to visit the South Downs dark sky Reserve. Additionally, having a camera capable of capturing shots up to approximately 8 seconds would be beneficial. This will allow you to capture the trails of the meteor showers and potentially reveal fainter objects. It is important to be in a dark sky area to observe these meteors, as the meteor outburst should consist of many faint meteors.

Furthermore, if you are interested, please consider submitting your footage. I will compile all the results from around the world into a results video for posterity. If you would like more background information on this event, I strongly advise you read the original article, which delves into the history and significance of this perhaps final large Andromedids meteor shower.

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